Sale of heavy goods vehicles and utility vehicles by commission

Do you want to get the highest possible price for your vehicle as you determine it?
Use our professional services and experience in sale of vehicles by commission.  We will take care of everything necessary during sale of your vehicle and we will maximise your chance of sale for a good price.

  • 1 Insurance of your vehicle on the used car dealership premises – free
  • 2 We can arrange to collect your vehicle
  • 3 We will clean your vehicle (interior and exterior) and take photographs
  • 4 The vehicle will be advertised on advertising servers throughout Europe
  • 5 We will handle all the prerequisites of sale
  • 6 You only pay for our services in the event of successful sale
  • 7 Commission is just 3% of the vehicle’s sales price
  • 8 We hand over the money from sale within 7 days from sale and de-registration of the vehicle

Let us deal with all the issues related to sale by purchasing your vehicle from you.

Purchase of vehicles

Purchase of heavy goods vehicles, trailers or semitrailers in part exchange

Have you chosen a newer heavy goods or utility vehicle from our offer and don’t know what to do with the one you have? We will be happy to help you. One of our purchasing specialists will value your vehicle, naturally with regard to the fact that you are purchasing another vehicle from us. If we reach an agreement, and we certainly will, we will purchase your current vehicle and you will pay just the difference in prices or use it as a down payment or deposit.

Import of heavy goods equipment and vehicles to order

Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t have what you need in our current range on offer. In this case you can submit the specifications of the vehicle you are seeking to our seller. Our mobile buyers will immediately inform you as soon as they find this vehicle in the EU. If the vehicle meets your requirements we can import it to the Czech Republic against a deposit, which includes handling of all formalities.

Financing purchase of cars, vehicles and equipment

Have you chosen a vehicle and don’t have enough cash? We have a simple solution.
Our financial specialist will prepare and offer tailor-made financing, whether this concerns leasing or a loan.
Vybere vám samozřejmě tu nejlepší leasingovou společnost.

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Do you need a help?

Call us and our professional staff will advise and help you choose the right car or technique.

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