Purchase from the customer

We realize that your time is precious, so we offer a purchase service directly at your place.

What are the benefits of buying for you?

Above all, it is a time saving, when you do not have to come to our branch, but our purchase specialist will come to your place. Thanks to this, it is possible to appreciate the larger number of offered vehicles (larger fleet).

We are able to implement the entire business directly in your offices.

How is the purchase at the customer's place?

  • The redemption specialist will arrive at your designated place at the agreed time
  • Vehicle or we will check the vehicles from a technical point of view, we will perform a test drive
  • We will inspect the vehicle from a legal point of view
  • We will agree on the purchase price of the vehicle
  • We will conclude a purchase contract
  • We will pay you the agreed redemption price immediately (in the case of larger deals, it depends on the individual agreement)
  • We will arrange car transport
  • We will arrange the formalities associated with the transcription of the vehicle

Are you interested in buying on the spot? Contact our buyer.

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