Purchase of trucks and equipment

Do you sell a truck, trailer or other truck? Offer it to us!

We buy all types and brands of trucks, vehicles and semi-trailers.

In the Czech Republic, we are one of the largest and best-known in the sale of trucks, so practically nowhere do you have a better chance of selling a vehicle under such advantageous conditions as in our country.

Contact our purchase specialist today and do not want to appreciate your truck without obligation.

How to sell your car?

  • Direct purchase
    We estimate the highest possible purchase price. We will buy the vehicle immediately.
  • Commission
    We estimate the market price. We will include the vehicle in our offer and we will offer it.

What are the benefits of buying with us?

  • We guarantee fast and professional negotiations
    We will buy the vehicle from you immediately and without worries.
  • We will buy your vehicle at the highest possible price
    When buying, we take into account the current market value of the vehicle with regard to its technical condition.
  • We minimize your worries with the purchase
    Leave all worries about the purchase to us.
  • We will come for your car and arrange for its removal
    Do you have more vehicles or do you want to worry about buying as little as possible? We will come to see the vehicle and after the purchase we will take care of its removal.
  • Advantageous counter-account
    In the purchase price, we will take into account that you are choosing a new car from us. We will buy your car cheaper.

Documents needed for purchase

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