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Sale of trucks up to 7,5t of various types and brands. View our offer. You can find all cars on our sales area D1 EXIT15.

Trucks up to 7,5 t are an important part freight transport. They are mainly used to transport small goods such as food and other items, as well as to transport larger objects over short distances. These trucks are usually smaller in size and lighter in weight than other types of trucks, making them easier to maneuver and transport goods.

In addition to being easy to maneuver and transport goods, they have trucks up to 7,5 t also a number of other benefits. They usually are more economical than larger trucks, making them an economical choice for businesses looking to save money on fuel. Thanks to their small dimensions and light weight, they are also suitable for movement in urban areas.

Overall, trucks up to 7,5t are an ideal choice for businesses looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to transport goods.