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Iveco, a subsidiary of the CNH Industrial group, is an Italian company based in Turin, engaged in the production of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles and buses. The name Iveco is an abbreviation for Industrial Vehicle Corporation (loosely translated as "industrial vehicle manufacturer"). The company was created by merging 5 companies: 3 Italian (Fiat Veicoli Industriali, OM and Lancia Veicoli Speciali), French Unic and German Magirus. The blue color in the Iveco logo is a reference to the absorbed Fiat VI brand.

Iveco brand cars cover a wide segment of fields and services, the assortment also includes specialized cars intended for the defense sector and other sectors. Iveco cars are available with both diesel engines and engines for alternative fuels such as natural gas and biodiesel, as well as electric motors.

Offer medium and heavy cars Iveco

euro Cargo: a medium-heavy vehicle model for city traffic - whether for delivery or municipal services

Iveco S-WAY: The company's flagship in the field of long-distance transport vehicles. The tractor is designed with the driver's comfort in mind and equipped with the latest technologies, connecting the car with the fleet manager and the Iveco dealer network.

Iveco stralis: A vehicle designed for both city and long-distance transport. The natural gas version of this model won the Sustainable Truck of the Year 2019 award

Stralis X-WAY: Version of the Stralis model, designed for more demanding terrain, for constructions and other specialized fields.

Eurocargo 4 × 4: Medium-duty truck with all-wheel drive, primarily designed for off-road.

Iveco Trakker: Heavy truck designed for extreme conditions. This model also took part in the famous Dakar Rally.

History of Iveco

As already mentioned, the company was formed by the merger of five different manufacturers of industrial vehicles, in 1975. For a long time, the company left the products of the original brands in production, then came up with its first own model in 1978.