Financing in the country and abroad

We dare to say that you really don't have to worry with us that we can't figure out a way to finance a selected vehicle.

Wide portfolio of financing options

We work with many reliable financing partners, we can also offer our own financing services and other variants and combinations, so that you can operate the selected car as soon as possible and as easily as possible.

We provide our own financing

We offer our own financing options. If you don't go through scoring with banks and leasing companies, there is still a possibility TIRCENTRUM financial services, where we make every effort to finance your vehicle. If financing is not possible with us either, we offer advantageous long-term rentals, including the possibility of subsequent purchase of a rented car or other equipment.

Installment vehicles from TIRCENTRUM financial services
The installments are given as an example. We can adjust the financing to the client.

When buying a vehicle, you can use a wide range of financial products:

Our financial specialist will prepare and offer you tailor-made financing, whether it is a lease or a loan.
Of course, he will choose the best leasing company for you.

Funding partners

We work closely with the funding partners listed below.

Useful information

The documents we need to process the financing

For a specific financing offer from you, we will need several documents, thanks to which we can assess the offer individually. Find out <a href="">here</a>.

I will not reach for bank financing, what are the options?

We have our own financing TIRCENTRUM financial services, or we are able to provide long-term rentals with the possibility of subsequent purchase, etc. We will solve your situation.

I need to finance a vehicle abroad.

We also have extensive experience and good contacts with financing abroad. Don't hesitate to contact us contact - Let's think together about the best possible option.