Scania introduced the semi-trailer tractor and the bag burst with orders

Scania launched a new tractor half a year ago and is now accepting orders. Scania trucks break records in the number of orders and enjoy great popularity abroad.

In the summer, the Swedish Scania introduced an electric tractor - this year it is breaking records in the number of orders

Scania introduced the generation to the market last summer BEV – battery electric trucks. The company listened to the comments of its customers and added a package of additional services to the purely electric vehicle: charging, financing, insurance and maintenance. This helpful step reduces the carbon footprint. In general, it is important for them to reuse parts, recycle materials and reduce consumption.

The new BEV tractor has great potential to match or even surpass heavy vehicles with classic combustion diesel engines. Their vehicles go through the path of modularity, sustainability and economy of operating costs – values ​​that have been typical for the Scania brand for several years.

Innovative trailer tractor for regional use

There are several options to choose from. The first concerns the choice of cab, which is available in the R or S series. It is also possible to choose from two different power outputs and several wheelbases (both for tractors and for chassis with a cab).

New possibilities for regional deployment of these tractors and a range of up to 350 km open up the possibility of two different levels of powertrain performance, supplemented by accumulators (capacity up to 624 kWh). The range will be specified according to the weight of the vehicle, its character and the terrain of the road.

Let's show it with an example. How would it be in the case of a 40 ton 4×2 tractor unit with six batteries traveling at an average speed of 80 km/h? The range on one charge is up to 350 km. If it were a set that is used mainly in Scandinavian countries and weighs 64 tons, it would travel approximately 250 km without the need to recharge.

Every one hour of charging increases the range by approximately 270-300 km, as the charging power is up to 375 kWh. Therefore, it is ideal to use the mandatory 45-minute driver breaks to recharge the battery, which will increase performance even more. The tractor charges while you enjoy your coffee and straighten your back. If BEVs are used on scheduled routes, they can use scheduled charging at their depot or destination station. The constant output of the electric drive system of the Scania 40 R and S model is 400 kW. For the Scania 45 R and S models, the output is 450 kW.

As recharging of electric vehicles is still not widely available, the parent company Traton together with Volvo Group and Daimler Truck has created a venture with the purpose of creating a commonly available network of charging stations for heavy vehicles across Europe.

You can order either a 4×2 tractor, which needs a wheelbase of 4150 mm to store six batteries. The second option is a chassis with a cabin in a 6×2*4 configuration. In total, the kit reaches up to 64 tons (if the legislation allows) and covers a 6×2 chassis.

Orders for semi-trailers are pouring in from all over Europe

Scania introduced the new product to the market only last June, and already at the beginning of 2023 it is registering high interest and a large influx of customers interested in the electrification of their "stable".

Considering the demand, it is evident that Scania hit the mark and offered its customers exactly what they needed for so long. The company has already received over 640 orders for BEV vehicles and more are just pouring in. A large order was also placed by the Italian company Gruber Logistics, which ordered almost 30 vehicles. The Italians took an innovative path and, thanks to the Swedish Scania and their comprehensive solution, including recharging, proceeded to the large-scale electrification of their heavy vehicles.

You can order BEV Scania vehicles now. However, the semi-trailer tractor will not go into production until the fall of this year.

Although we cannot offer you this innovative tractor model, we have many other equally reliable models for sale, not only Scania, but also other brands, for example Volvo whether Mercedes-Benz and more.