How to choose a truck?

Currently, too many vehicles are classified as trucks. While choosing a truck may seem easy at first glance, once you consider all the uses and the growing number of options, you can quickly get lost in the maze of variants and models.

So how do you solve the dilemma of which truck or trailer will suit you best? Especially when the success of your business depends on this choice.

Modern trucks are large, powerful and capable. They are also equipped with safety and comfort features. There are seemingly endless options in terms of engines, exterior and interior, interior bed sizes, and the like.

Truck cab type

This parameter is only important if you intend to use the truck for purposes other than transporting goods. Most trucks have a standard cab that has 2 doors and enough space for 2 to 3 people. In the case of tractors, there is also a place for sleeping in the form of a bed.


Gasoline engines are only suitable for supplies and small trucks, but not as common. If you're looking for something bigger, get a diesel truck. You'll find V8 or V12 engines depending on how much power you need. Fuel consumption is also very important for trucks.


Automatic powertrains are usually found in smaller trucks, although they are becoming more popular in larger trucks as well. Trucks tend to have many gears; the basic formula is that more gears equals better traction control, but also more maintenance and more complex steering.

In terms of wheels, most trucks will have 4WD, although you can buy some trucks with 2WD, but this is not recommended.


Smaller trucks are capable of towing from three to eight thousand kilograms. For medium-sized trucks, there are big differences in terms of load, engine configuration and axles, which then leads to different load capacities.

Heavy trucks they can tow a lot more than other types of trucks and they also have a lot more wheels. Before buying a particular model, study information about axle ratios. Axle ratios determine how quickly your truck will pick up speed. While some people are satisfied with the standard gear ratio that trucks come with, some people want to use the vehicle for towing purposes, in which case it is better to reduce the axle gear ratio for more power.


Safety is always important, but it becomes even more important when buying a work truck. You are responsible for the safety of your employees, so there should be no risk. Many trucks are now equipped with multiple airbags to keep the driver and passengers safe in the event of a collision.

Another essential part of safety is the time it takes the truck to come to a complete stop. Truck braking systems have been greatly improved over time, and you'll be surprised how quickly they can bring new trucks to a stop.

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