5 safety tips for truck drivers

Driving a truck is a tough and dangerous job. Being a professional driver and being responsible for such a colossus requires a lot of experience, courage and a lot of common sense. You will get into a lot of unpredictable situations behind the wheel and you should know how to behave in them.

You should always keep these safety principles in mind. You are responsible not only for yourself, but for yours tractor and cargo, but also for all the drivers around you.

1. Be attentive

Watch what's happening around you, keep a good eye on the road. Be aware of who is driving in front of you, behind you and next to you so you can act accordingly. Attention decreases with time, so be sure to observe the prescribed breaks and really rest during them, do not underestimate sleep.

2. Check the weather

Check the weather conditions before you leave and check the weather during the trip. Monitor the outside temperature and changes in road conditions. Knowing what to expect will help you better prepare for riding in bad weather.

3. Avoid heavy traffic

Avoid rush hours whenever possible. The more traffic, the greater the chance of an accident. Of all the tips for driving safety, this is the one most often ignored. If possible, try to rest during peak times and enjoy the roads when they are emptier.

4. Map the delivery location

Are you taking goods to a new company where you haven't been before? They will probably tell you that to them trucks they drive quite normally and never have a problem. But feel free to pause somewhere on the outskirts and see where you will pass and what awaits you in the area. Obstacles such as hydrants, poles, etc. can stand in your way. A lot of accidents, which fortunately do not have serious consequences, happen right on campuses, very often at night. The driver drives into a ditch, crashes into a street light pole, etc. Explore the terrain or area you are driving into to avoid a possible collision.

5. Do not overtake unnecessarily and keep your distance

This is the basic rule. The more often you change lanes, the higher the risk of an accident. If you really have to change it, drive very carefully and ideally in places with good visibility, pay attention to your blind spot and check your mirrors. It's also important to make sure you have enough speed at all times - overtaking a loaded truck up a hill for several minutes will certainly not please other drivers. Don't be impatient, drive slower than constantly overtaking and leave plenty of space in front of the truck. If something goes wrong, it will probably be in front of you, so give yourself time to react.

Bonus tip: Indulge in the your truck comfort

A person is attentive and can think quickly when he is mentally well. Therefore, do not forget to get enough sleep, eat regularly, and do not forget about hygiene. On the way, you can park in ours, for example of the TIR center at exit 15 on the D1 highway. We have great facilities for drivers with showers, rest rooms and refreshments.

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