A truck as a home on wheels - why is comfort in the cabin important?

Truck drivers have a demanding life spent in the small space of the truck cabin. Other road users perceive them rather negatively, the trucks are large, slow and in the way. However, people do not realize at all that the truck that is stopping them is carrying goods for them.

Long journeys and endless waiting in queues sound very demanding. It might seem that the profession of a truck driver is uncomfortable, but don't be mistaken! Truck cabins are no longer just a seat and a steering wheel, with a little exaggeration they are now small living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms all in one. If you are interested in what equipment today's modern trucks have and how drivers make long routes easier and more pleasant, continue reading.

Improvement of truck cabins for healthier work of drivers

It is often the profession of each of us that determines whether we can lead a healthy life or not. However, truck drivers in particular have to overcome many limitations and obstacles if they want to maintain their fitness. Long periods of sitting, irregular diet, stress and traveling at different times, including at night, are certainly not conducive to health. If you add loneliness, the quality of life for truck drivers could be very low. Truck manufacturers are also aware of this, which is why they keep coming up with innovations and gadgets.

It is no exaggeration that a truck is a home on wheels. Truck drivers must be in good physical and mental condition in order to be able to overcome difficult journeys and subsequently, for example, stacking or loading goods. They must also be manually skilled in order to be able to carry out routine maintenance and minor repairs on the truck.


A static sitting position has an adverse effect on the human organism and musculoskeletal system. In the long term, there is compression of the intervertebral discs and damage to the spine, leading to pain in the lumbar region and in the area around the cervical spine. Cabins in modern trucks are now equipped with massaging seats, which allow drivers relief in moments when they cannot afford to stop and stretch. Comfort in the form of air conditioning is a matter of course these days, and improvements include heated windows, seats and steering wheel.

Cruise control is almost a necessity in a truck, it serves to automatically maintain the set speed. For long, monotonous highway journeys, during which the driver would otherwise have to maintain a constant speed using only the gas pedal, the journey without it would be unimaginable today. On the other hand, it can sometimes be the cause of a collision situation, due to loss of concentration and concentration, but if used carefully, it is an excellent helper not only for the comfort of drivers, but also for the economy of driving. A great advantage is the adaptive cruise control, which the driver will appreciate when driving in queues - he can maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

You can specify all equipment already at buying a truck, but something can be added later. However, safety systems that monitor the driver's condition and ensure that he does not fall asleep while driving must not be neglected when choosing. There is also a lane keeping assistant or a brake assistant that prevents the vehicle from hitting an obstacle. And if an accident does happen, SOS buttons are implemented in modern trucks, which will automatically assess the situation and call for help in the event of an accident.

What should a comfortable truck look like?

What do truck drivers really appreciate the most? In addition to the aforementioned high-quality driver's seat, there is certainly proper audio equipment – ​​music is a great companion on the road, and the radio is a popular way, for example, to connect with your homeland. Without an up-to-date (now usually online) navigation system, none of the drivers today can imagine reaching their destination. Navigation calculates the current position, speed and direction of movement, satellites are able to track the number of other cars on the route and thus calculate a realistic estimate of the time needed to reach the destination.

Televisions (flat screen as standard today) with their own satellite antenna and receiver are also a great addition.

And speaking of time - to save time, drivers often eat in their trucks, which is why integrated elements such as a refrigerator, microwave and cooker connected to a gas bomb are great. Drink holders, especially for coffee, are almost a must.

And if even coffee doesn't help with fatigue, today's equipment trucks it is very comfortable precisely because you can rest and sleep very well in them. In truck cabins, there is also room for a bed, sometimes even in over-standard dimensions and equipped with quality mattresses. Truckers can have different types of tables and storage spaces installed in their "homes on wheels". In some of the more luxurious cabins, you will also find a small sink with running water or a built-in safe.

If you would like to purchase a better equipped truck or add some extras to your truck, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.