Truck drivers? No wonder in the Czech Republic or in the world

Would you guess that driving a truck is more of a job for a tough guy? Mostly yes, but even behind the wheel of a truck you will meet women here and there. Some are rougher than sandpaper, others seem like fragile girls. But only apparently. When they start fixing the car themselves or offer to help you if you find yourself in trouble on the road, you will be staring.

A documentary was broadcast on the British BBC at the beginning of July Queen of Trucks (Truck Queen) about Shannan Paterson, a 27-year-old who started her own truck driving school at 19. Her dad, who had a truck driving school, got her into it. And of course we have similar cases of courageous women in the Czech Republic.

Amazon travels Europe behind the wheel of a truck

An example is Radka Balousová, who calls herself an Amazon. That she is a driver semi-trailer tractors, you definitely wouldn't guess her. It seems fragile. In reality, however, he has been moving between cars for a long time. She trained as a car mechanic, but she wanted to drive. It started with delivery in the Czech Republic, later it reached abroad. Still with delivery. However, due to the poor working conditions, she completed her paperwork semitrailers and got into the truck.

Women don't have a hard life behind the wheel of a truck

Nowadays, professions are no longer divided into male and female occupations, women are welcome in male fields. Female truck drivers confirm this, they are more often met with praise and compliments. Only people on social networks are negative, for example Radka Balousová is quite famous on YouTube, where she uploads videos of her travels. However, almost everyone can take criticism online, it's easy to slander people when they hide behind an internet nickname.

Radka Balousová herself says that she sees 2-3 female managers every day trucks. So they are still in a substantial minority, but certainly not completely alone.

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