What to look out for when buying a used tractor, trailer and bus?

Trucks and buses are certainly not cheap. Especially the new ones. But there are other options. Rent a car or buy it second hand. Even when concluding such a deal, however, prudence is in order. What should you pay particular attention to?

When buying a truck, bus, van, tractor or trailer, proceed basically the same way as when buying a car at a car dealership.

More affordable, but riskier

Used vehicles, including utility vehicles and trucks, are more affordable, but also riskier. You don't know who drove them before, how they treated them, and what they've been up to in general. For this reason, it is advisable to invite an expert to buy a second-hand truck, who will first of all check the technical condition of the vehicle. This is more important than the mileage when buying a used car. Trucks well-maintained, high-mileage ones may be better off than a neglected one that sat in the garage for most of the year.

Ask for a test drive

A test drive will reveal a lot about the technical condition of the vehicle. A good source of information is the sound of the engine. Focus on that at the very start. Not only for the sound itself, but also for the length of the start-up. The engine should start on the first try without adding gas. A slow start can be caused by many malfunctions. While driving, monitor the heating rate of the coolant. If it exceeds ninety degrees, do not buy the vehicle.

Check the VIN code

Also watch the behavior of the steering wheel while driving. Its vibration, even when driving without braking, can be caused by faulty or unbalanced tires. But also much more serious disorders. It is also important to check the VIN code, i.e. the main vehicle identifier, which can be compared with our birth number. All cars are marked with this - passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. This number must appear in the entire vehicle, its service book and technical license.