Construction machinery and equipment used in building construction

Different machines are used in the construction industry, because sometimes you need to level the terrain, but other times it is necessary to demolish the old property.

The current market is diverse and you can choose from an inexhaustible amount of technology, which we will look at in more detail in the following lines.

Excavators, loaders and manipulators

Very used construction machinery are excavators. Basically, these are excavators (or excavators) with which you can easily move the rock. The excavator itself consists of several important parts, namely a trench with work equipment (usually a shovel), a cabin with a operator's station and a chassis.

Another group consists of loaders and manipulators that help move bulk materials. Likewise, loaders and manipulators are suitable for earthworks, as they are equipped with a shovel. A specific category is also backhoe loaders on a tractor chassis.

Dumpers, graders and scrapers

Dump trucks (also called dump trucks) are heavy trucks designed to transport material. Dump trucksthey handle difficult terrain and are therefore an ideal choice for surface quarries or sand pits. The grader is a self-propelled construction machine with which you can easily and quickly level large areas. The scraper is a scraper for mining, transporting and spreading the soil.

Pipelayers, dozers and other road machines

If you need to build an oil pipeline, gas pipeline, or water pipelines, a pipe stacker that boasts perfect stability and high load capacity will serve you. The dozer, often referred to as a rake, is suitable for spreading and plowing the soil. The dozer is equipped with blades or a ripper. We must not forget the road rollers for compacting road surfaces and other road machinery and special.

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