5 things you didn't know about tractors

Everyone knows what a truck looks like. Each of us can also imagine the nomadic life of a trucker who travels adventurously throughout Europe, on the other hand, he has to spend long days or weeks without a family. However, there are many interesting things in the field of freight transport that you may not have had any idea about.

Let's take a look at some interesting things from the field of tractors and freight transport look.

1. Only 6% of truck drivers are women

Again, this finding is not so surprising. The truck industry is simply dominated by men. This may also be due to the fact that women could not afford to leave the family for days or weeks. Who would take care of the children? Ladies of all different ethnicities and ages make up only about 6% of drivers.

2. Tractor drivers will spend over 240 nights away from their families

It's an adventurous life, on the other hand it's also a bit sad. The truckers miss the first children's steps, the first number one at school, the holidays and, of course, they also lose their days off during the holidays.

3. Small companies make up 90% of the industry

How many large shipping companies can you name that ship their trucks far across Europe? You may remember some, but there are far more smaller private entrepreneurs. Trucking is a popular field of business on its own.

4. Truck emissions have been significantly reduced

Haulage contributes significantly to emissions. The fact is, however, that truck emissions have been reduced by an incredible 95% in the last twenty years.

5. The number of trucks is practically innumerable

If you straightened all the trucks traveling around the United States, they would reach the moon. In Europe, the situation is understandably similar, with truck transport forming a large part of the transport of goods and the transport of various products.

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