Import of trucks and vehicles to order

Do you need to import a car or truck from abroad, but you do not know how? We do!

Did you choose a car abroad? Whether in a car showroom or on an advertising portal? Are you really considering buying it? You are probably aware that you will not only deal with its payment, but also transport to the Czech Republic. If you want to pick up the car in person, you can't do without a second driver. But we have a better solution for you. Contact Tir Centrum to bring it to you. And before that, he checks his technical condition.

Rich offer of cargo technology

Tir Centrum primarily focuses on the sale and rental of tractors, buses, trucks and trailers. That is, the vehicles that form the basis of the logistics industry. Not only supply is directly built on them. In the menu you will find semi-trailer tractors, trucks under and over 7,5 tons, semitrailers, trailers, tippers, construction machinery, vans, buses, utility and special vehicles. At the time of writing this article, Tir Centrum's offer included, for example, 54 second-hand trucks over 7,5 tonnes at prices starting at 75 crowns.

Import of trucks to order

But you can also choose from a rich selection of vans, refrigerators and freezers, minibuses, pickups, flatbeds and cars. And if you do not choose from the offer, it is possible to deliver to order after an individual agreement. How does it work? Simply. After you choose a specific foreign car, you will contact Tir Centrum, which will arrange the rest for you. He will contact the dealer, check the technical condition of the vehicle on the spot, pay for it and bring the car to the address you have specified. To do this, it will help you arrange financing and other necessary formalities associated with the import and registration of the vehicle. In short, you won't have to worry about anything!

And they also offer solutions in Tir Centrum for those with specific requirements. Through a rich network of buyers throughout the European Union, they are able to ensure that as soon as the model appears on the market, they will be informed immediately and offer the vehicle for sale.