Winter is just around the corner! How is the truck serviced before the winter season?

The car must always be not only serviceable, but also safe for us and our surroundings. This is even more true for trucks, as they can be even more dangerous in size in the event of road problems.

What kind of truck maintenance not to forget before the winter season?

The maintenance required for trucks is not very different from that for passenger cars. First of all, it is necessary tire change for those that are suitable for the winter season. The ideal time for a change is when the air temperature drops below 7 ° C and, of course, before we go out on the first snow. If we change older tires, we must also check their wear by the depth of the pattern. It must not be less than 4 mm.

Before the winter for trucks we also check the battery. It is necessary in time replace summer water in the washers with winter ones. It is advisable to do so within the service oil inspection or change. There are more suitable oils with the right viscosity for the winter. The technical treatment of the car is definitely suitable - that is inspection of various seals, thanks to which we prevent freezing of the door and fogging of the windows. We must not forget either heating control.

Winter maintenance of trucks is in the hands of professionals

It is ideal, of course, to entrust the maintenance of trucks into the hands of professionals who will carry out the complete truck service before winter. You can address TIR CENTRUM sro The truck sales and service specialist will offer you his facilities at exit 15 of the D1 motorway (Všechromy 13).

TIR CENTER provides, among other things truck service, including semi-trailer and trailer technology. It is an authorized service for Ford Truck brands and unauthorized for MAN, Mercedes Benz and Scania. The company offers an experienced service team of truck professionals as well as its own spare parts warehouse. These are not only used for repairs, but can also be purchased for your own repairs.