Tatra is preparing a truck with a hydrogen fuel cell

The pursuit of greener transport does not escape freight transport either. It also has to deal with carbon neutrality commitments and tightening emission standards. All this requires completely new solutions, you need to experiment. And we are not afraid of experiments in this area in our country either.

By the end of the decade, carbon dioxide emissions for trucks must be reduced by 30% compared to 2019, trucks with internal combustion engines will cease to be produced by 2040. What drive will replace them? So far, prototypes are being tested.

Tatra Trucks will develop an electric vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell

In an interview with Czech Radio, Radomír Smolka, Tatra Trucks' director of research and development, pointed out that an internal combustion engine may not have a chance at life if emissions are set very strictly. This is also the reason why Tatra Trucks is merging with DEVINN, the Řež Research Center from the Group of the Institute of Nuclear Research and the University of Chemical Technology in order to develop a prototype electric car with a hydrogen fuel cell. It should be completed in 2023.

The development is financed by a grant from the Technology Agency (TA CR), which is an amount of 36 million crowns, which comes from the TREND program. This program is designed to increase the international competitiveness of companies and the transition to Industry 4.0.

Hydrogen technologies in freight transport are shifting

In the past, insufficient battery density prevented the transition of trucks to electric propulsion. However, everything is gradually evolving and the Department of Hydrogen Technologies of ÚJV has been working with hydrogen technologies for over 10 years. After so much research, he dares to say that the hydrogen truck will withstand and can fully replace the fossil combustion engine.

It should even bring some advantages over electric cars such as faster refueling and longer range. However, Tatra also keeps a hybrid drive combining an internal combustion engine and an electric motor alive.

Are you looking for a truck you can rely on? We will still have to wait for hydrogen trucks, but in the meantime, take a look at ours offer trucks with internal combustion engine.