How to take care of a tractor in winter?

Sub-zero temperatures and snow cover on the roads are challenging conditions for everyone who feeds on the road - for the truck drivers themselves as well as for managers and dispatchers. All vehicles require care during the winter, but trucks and tractors are specific.

What do the experts advise? First of all, you would tractor in winter they should not save, because fast enough driving the car warms up and the engine needs heat. For this purpose, it is worth buying an engine heater. You should use it especially if the tractor is stationary for a long time (more than one day).

Fuel is extremely important for a tractor in winter

If you want to drive at an acceptable cost in winter, proper fuel maintenance is important:

  • When temperatures drop below -5 ° C, add a winter anti-gel additive to the diesel to protect against freezing.
  • Refuel with really good fuel, don't try to save, it doesn't pay off on fuel.
  • Always keep the fuel tank at least half full. There is more moisture in an empty tank, which can condense on water and clog the filter.
  • Plan carefully. Think about the coldest areas tractor will drive and handle the fuel accordingly. Although we do not have much snow in December, for example, when traveling north, the vehicle is likely to encounter worse conditions.

The tractor requires regular inspections in winter

In winter, you should check the brakes, battery, coolant, windscreen wiper blades, headlights, brake lights, door locks more often, which should be lubricated enough to prevent freezing. The tires, both the tread and the pressure, also deserve special inspection. Low temperatures slowly reduce tire pressure, which has implications for sample life, fuel consumption, and most importantly, driving safety. For winter, it is also advisable to use valve caps to prevent the accumulation of moisture and ice in the valves. In snowy terrain, of course, it is advisable to consider snow chains.

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