Renault T 520: Unduly underestimated

The French brand is still a victim of old prejudices, although the current models are excellent. Specifically, the Renault T 520 tractor is comfortable, economical and offers an attractive price. It is a model from the Renault Trucks remote range and can also be equipped with a Maxispace cab.

The Renault Trucks range is no longer a revolutionary innovation, it was introduced in 2013, when the French manufacturer took advantage of the transition to the Euro 6 standard and replaced the Premium and Magnum models with a single "T". It may not be a flashy name, but the models that belong to the range are all the better.

The top of the Renault Trucks range

The Renault T 520 has rightly been called the top of the line. It offers a brand new cab, a powerful 13-liter engine, 520 horsepower, heating, a high-resolution touch screen, a lane departure warning system, xenon headlights, a hydraulic retarder, two cruise control memories - for example on a well-traveled highway and in narrow spaces.

Impressive Maxispace cab

The Maxispace cab offers plenty of space for a really comfortable ride. It has a flat floor, in the back there are three lockable compartments, between the two seats there is a table that is easy to fold and integrate into the bed. The storage space is still under the table, dishes and cutlery are hidden there. Traveling in such a cabin is really comfortable.

Consumption below 40 l / 100 km

Consumption will also pleasantly surprise you. Even with the set loaded at 40 tons and in terrain with inclines, you can drive in less than 40 l / 100 km. AdBlue consumption corresponds to less than a tenth of diesel consumption.

The mentioned cruise control with two memories allows you to switch between the memories by pressing buttons S1 and S2 directly on the steering wheel. When driving downhill, the retarder stages are switched on automatically.

Smooth, fast and comfortable

The Optidriver automatic transmission is fast and smooth. The seat is comfortable and well-sprung, sound insulation suitable for long-distance rides. The automatic activation of headlights and wipers will please you.

In our offer you will find Renault t 520 also.