Modern and widely usable Iveco Evadys

A modern bus suitable for short lines and longer trips is manufactured in the Czech Republic at the Iveco Bus plant in Vysoké Mýto. The structure moves somewhere between the Crossway city line and the Magelys tour. It is adapted to roads with frequent stops, while offering high capacity and plenty of comfort.

Iveco Evadys was first introduced in 2016. It is a 12,1 m long bus with one-piece doors, optionally with two-leaf doors, which allow the use of a platform for wheelchairs. The floor is 1142 mm above the ground, thanks to which it has a rich luggage space. Models without toilets offer 12 m3, WC space decreases to 8,1 m3.

Plenty of space for knees and USB plugs

Ever since the introduction of the Iveco Evadys model, those present have especially praised the generous interior spaces. 48 passengers with enough legroom will sit inside. The seats are covered with a combination of fabric and leather, they sit comfortably on them, the inner seats can be pushed out into the aisle. Passengers also have USB plugs available, however, they are built into the ceiling next to the LED lights, who owns a short charging cable, so they do not walk. On request, LCD monitors, coffee maker, kitchenette, refrigerator can also be built.

The driver has similar space as in the Crossway models. A parking camera display can be placed on the A-pillar at an additional cost.

New and economical TraXon transmission

The Iveco Evadys bus is powered by a six-cylinder Cursor 9, which you would also find in the Magelys model. It therefore offers an output of 294 kW and four types of transmissions - manual, two automatic and one automated. However, Evadys does not have AS-Tronic, but a novelty from ZF, ie the 12-speed TraXon automated transmission. It promises savings, speed and adjustment of the control logic according to the track profile (it takes data from GPS).

Quiet ride for all passengers

The engine has a dual-mass flywheel, it works very smoothly. In addition, the Evadys has comfortable suspension as well as the touring Megalys, so driving in it is really comfortable.

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