DAF truck presents XF: Unity Edition all over Europe

This unique version is intended to bring a number of benefits that will make life easier for drivers and at the same time please operators with their low operating costs. These are helped, among other things, by a 36-month repair and maintenance contract, which will be a standard part of Unity Edition.

The XF Unity Edition is an exceptional car designed for heavy-duty operation. It is available with both Space Cab and Super Space Cab, both as a tractor and in fixed configurations. The truck is powered by a powerful PACCAR MX-13 engine with an output of 480 hp (355 kW).

Unity Edition in national colors

Unity Edition excels with its color design, which will be specific to each country. The national colors appear both on the grille and in the form of a ribbon on the bright white background of the cab and on the rear-view mirrors.

Maximum working comfort

Drivers may not want better space for work and rest than the XF Unity Edition has to offer. Cab equipment varies by country, but there are features that are common to all: the Luxury Air driver's seat, an extra comfortable 15 cm high mattress, the most powerful air conditioning system, a huge refrigerator and a navigation system, connected with radio and comes with 6 speakers in standard version. For example, predictive cruise control or the MX front brake guarantee maximum comfort while driving.

No worries about maintenance

It includes a 3-year Care + maintenance contract, thanks to which you will not have to worry about possible failures.